Cancel the GoFundMe Beverly Afaglo tells Yvonne Nelson.

Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo after showing her gratitude to people who contributed to her life has instructed Yvonne Nelson to put an ‘end’ the GoFundMe campaign created for her after her house accidentally caught fire.


After I lost my home and properties to the fire on Monday, August 9, Yvonne Nelson, musician Chaseforever and one other person created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $20,000 to help me cover some of my losses.

Beverly also expressed how grateful she is to the donors who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign but the money raised so far can’t rent a house. The GoFundMe has so far managed to raise $1,864 (equivalent to GH11,000) which the actress says it’s not up to 10 per cent of the target of the $20,000.

She stated her husband didn’t even agree to her reaction out for aids, when Yvonne Nelson approached her about the GoFundMe, but she and the her management agreed to go ahead with it because she received so many calls from people who showed interest in supporting her.

Yvonne Nelson contacted me and said ‘I want to open a GoFundMe [campaign] for you.’ I told my management about it and they agreed because people have been calling to support me. I told my husband and he was against it. Because he is a showbiz personality as well and he knows how evil the internet is,” she said in an Instagram live video.

But we went against him and created the GoFundMe thinking that the love that I was receiving was going to be the same love that I’m going to receive but it turned around to hate. The moment Yvonne posted details of the GoFundMe campaign, hates and trolls started coming in from every corner.”

Beverly told Yvonne Nelson to cancel the campaign and thanked the donors who came through with various contributions.

Today, which is one week of what happened to me, I’m going to ask everybody doing the GoFundMe to end it, especially Yvonne Nelson. Akans have a saying that men create money but God distributes it. I’ll be fine.

“I am grateful. Thank you very much. I don’t know how to put it, this cannot even rent a house but I am super grateful for all the love and donations. Even as little as GHC3, I’m grateful for all donations. They say the one who has little that will give you will give you more when they have more. I bless you. You will never lack,” she said.

Tho the GoFundMe campaign is still active, but  Yvonne Nelson has taken the link off from her Instagram bio.

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